The travel management tool provides users with a platform for planning, purchasing, and recording travel expenses. Companies use this tool to simplify purchasing decisions, centralize records of employee travel expenses, and control corporate travel budgets. The travel management solution provides users with a tool to book and automatically report their travel purchases instead of using a single agent or submitting their own purchase receipts to expense management products. Additionally, this tool improves visibility between managers and employees regarding corporate travel and allows accountants and managers to run reports and reimburse employees. It also ensures employee work-related travel adheres to company policy.

Features of Travel Management Software Tools

Travel management products mostly come with the following features:

  • Planning main itineraries
  • Hotel and flight booking
  • Separate schedule management
  • Travel expense tracking and reporting
  • Tax payment and reporting
  • Mobile applications
  • Trip reminders and alerts
  • Assistance in case of Flight cancellation
  • Manage Traveler security and safety
  • Mobile applications
  • Manage coordination among team members
  • Updates on Destination condition
  • Adding corporate travel policies for compliance
  • Update about Weather forecast
  • Print pay checks for travel expenses

With the Travel Management tool, you can:

  • Have control over corporate travel budget
  • Make sure employee work-related travel adheres to company policy
  • Improves visibility between managers and employees regarding corporate


Different Tools to Book Your Trips Online

For most of the companies, issues with travel start with the dreaded process of travel booking. They are aware of where the trip is and for how long, but they don’t necessarily know how to book the tickets for this big trip. Therefore, the companies are left with only a few good options: 

  • The company appoints a member of the administration or finance teams to make the booking.
  • They let other people book the trip, for example, a Corporate Travel Agentbut with very clear travel policies and instructions.

We think the second option is the best. Nearly half of business travellers want to have a travel agent on board as most of the work is done by them. But you don’t want to have to hold their hands throughout, and you need to keep clear records of all travel.

We have jotted down a few good options to make the booking process more amenable and manageable for you and your company:


It is the world’s leading Travel & Expense management(TMS) tool. It automates every process of the expense generating process, from scanning receipt to reimbursement. You can log every purchase of money spent as you go and then EmpFly will save the receipts for you. It catalyses the reimbursement process as well. All types of companies whether global conglomerates or small-medium organizations rely on one or other expense management tools for corporate trips and in everyday processes also to save time and money. Apart from this, it helps corporates to manage-

  • Invoice Auto-upload features
  • Statistics & Advance reporting
  • Customized tool as per company requirement
  • Fuel Expense Reporting & Claim
  • Advance Pay feature
  • API for ERP integration
  • Access Management Integration
  • Attendance Software
  • Work from Home Management System
  • Multi-country & Multi-currency Setup
  • Trip Management
  • Admin Console & Control
  • Face-detection software for Authorization & Access


SAP Concur is one of the leading providers of travel management solutions that automates your travel, invoice, and expense management. It is a SaaS product that handles expense report generation, reimbursement, business travel booking, audit, integration of corporate card, and business intelligence. The company is driven by the pursuit of easing out the daily processes and make the whole booking process a better experience. The features of this travel management tool for your next corporate trip-

  • Invoice management
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Compliance Management
  • Data Import/Export facility
  • Processing of Invoice
  • Multi-Currency Transactions
  • Dashboard
  • Accounting Integration
  • Expense Tracking

With so many features at your disposal to uncomplicated your corporate trip planning and execution, you can never go wrong!!!! SAP Concur is not only a booking tool but also handles the expenses of your trip and analyzes the areas where your company can cut on the extra costs and it is available both online and as a mobile application.

Travel Perk

Booking corporate travel can be a significant challenge for the staff. They bounce around from site to site, trying to find the most convenient and comfortable flights and accommodation to fit within the company spending limits, which creates confusion and complication.

Travel Perk tackles this challenge by putting the world’s largest travel inventory in one place. Just like the sites you use in your personal life, Travel Perk brings different airlines, hotels, trains, and more into its dashboard and mobile app, so your team only needs to visit one platform. And it gets much easier for your finance department when your whole company books travel from one place.

Airbnb for Work

This not too different from the consumer version – you can book a wide range of accommodation types for your corporate traveling team.

But there are a few key differences:

  • Bookings are compared to the company profile. A team member can book the property he/she likes and the finance team will be able to get the details very easily and send invoice later without having to chase people
  • Airbnb Experiences also helps with team-building practices. If you like using Airbnb for your personal travel, Airbnb for Work gives you all the same options and also lets the company track bookings more easily.

Travel Bank

Travel Bank is similar to Travel Perk. It’s a centralized tool to let company employees/ members book all their travel in one place. That means you can find, book, and track all trips from beginning to end. The user can take a screenshot of the flight or ground transportation receipt and match the cost on the company card. This helps automate the expense reporting process-for employees and finance teams, this can be the worst aspect of business travel.

Lola is a solution or easy application that lets you book, manage, and save money on your corporate travel. It is best known for developing business travel management and expense software for Google Play, the App Store, and the web browsers. It helps the companies to get a mobile-friendly booking experience by providing attributes such as forecasting the budget, easy sticking to the travel budget, or booking the travel for other employees.

Apart from these technical aspects, what really makes this solution a powerful management tool is – it’s human. The 24*7 backend support from live travel experts who proactively help you in case anything unplanned happens, i.e from flight cancellation to tracking the lost luggage, they are always there to help.


So, now you have many tools to make your business trip hassle-free and easily manageable while cutting extra expenses and time. But make sure that the application meets the demands of your company and utilize the available resources to the best of their use.