The remote work solution ensures the continuation of your business despite potential external influences such as lockdown or bad weather. Just register your company, set up remote attendance in minutes and keep track of employee time.

Geo-Mark Attendance

Biometric attendance app is much better and more advanced solution. Our app offers attendance with location and it also allows an organisation to record the attendance of their employees from anywhere, anytime.

Face Recognition

Check out real-time image of staffs or employees marking attendance from their respective phone. Each face is mapped using Artificial Intelligence system to identify the person and avoid any frauds

Advance Roster

Implement Shift & Roster system with our advance Roster Management. Here you can not only restrict the employees to mark attendance as per respective shifts but also ensure location based attendance.

WHO IS Attendance Manager APP FOR?

FOR HIGH-POWERED FIELD WORKERS, MULTITASKING INDIVIDUALS & OFFICE STAFF Ideal for workforce who require touchless solutions On Go Helps calculate the best attendance on location & lower cost for management.

Key takeaways:

Manage employee attendances efficiently. Calculate paydays, time offs, holidays, overtime, roster, shifts & more. Contact us now!

AI-driven Attendance Management

Team Monitoring with geo-fencing

Increase efficiency, or lower costs

Eliminates human errors/frauds

Captures the face of employee, along with date, time & punched location

Advance Roster System

Encrypted Data Storage

No Hardware installation required

Visualize New Age Attendance System

Intelligent & Advance cloud-based attendance manager Mobile App that enables real-time monitoring and provides automated inputs for payroll processing in few minutes without any manual interventions

Touchless Technology

The First if its kind app that gives an easy access to the complete attendance management modules to all the stakeholders - HR, Operation Manager & Employee!

Integrated with Payroll

Now easily integrate with 15+ softwares you may already be using for a smooth transition & experience.

Multi Shift Management

Now with our unique Cluster creation feature, you can easily create a location for Geo-fencing, create shifts and add employees to different locations & shifts as per your company Roster policy

Industry Useful For

Employee attendance app and software for various industries and small and medium enterprises.

The time and attendance app for the manufacturing industries is available with a monthly subscription. Pay only for what you use and attendance can be checked anytime, anywhere.

The healthcare industry has a higher responsibility because a one-minute delay can have serious consequences.

EmpFly Solutions solves the problem for real estate and property management business owners. Let the timely observation of the workers in your field be your least concern.

Security agencies can gain the trust of valued customers if they make sure the security staff is on time.

EmpFly app in education industry can help you getting the insights of the late comers and early leavers. You can keep accurate attendance reports for staff, teachers and students.

Managers, supervisors, office managers or team leaders can change the view not only for their phones but also for the web-based dashboard for complete control.

Small & Medium Enterprises have EmpFly Services who has invested in developing and perfecting an app based on a large number of customer needs. We are able to understand every company’s pain points and tailor the solution to address them. 

Working from home has become a way of life. Easily access your employees time remotely from your desk or your home office.

Managers can track where staffs are at any given time. They have remote control over their employees through our powerful attendance program.

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