Field Force Monitor App

Field Force Monitor App

Reliable field force monitor app with a wide range of features to help you to increase the productivity of your team and organization.

Smart Features to Manage Smart Individuals

Reliable field force monitor app with a wide range of features to help you to increase the productivity of your team and organization.

Calculation of time & distance

You can easily eliminate the need for manual time calculating sheets with automatically calculated hours & distance in no time.

Customer POIs to manage Client Locations

customer contact details and address. Easy Creating, Assigning & Scheduling tasks.

Swift conversion of each Trip into Ride Expense

Create You can easily convert your each trip into Ride expense for claim reimbursements Location, time and distance Calculation

Field Staff Trip & Day Plan & Push Tasks

Easy route planning. Send Instant update on tasks – completed, pending, cancelled

Proof of real-time performance of the field staff

Punch + Selfie + Location mark present when reach destination Sales Activity Management

Single Dashboard to view all your Field Staff in group

Generate Daily Monthly Activity Reports along with capturing of all checkins done by field staffs at client locations.

Uses of field force Monitor App

What Are the Uses of a Field Service Management App?

Before the age of smartphones, managing field operations was a difficult task. Travel plans should be planned on physical maps. After that, there will be time lags and harmonization efforts if you need to update your itinerary. There are also additional costs associated with lagging reports and data entry related to this slow turnaround. There is an error in the physical data entry form, and you should not forget the opportunity to transfer, delete, or corrupt this valuable data.

Thankfully, we are now in a time when field service management is not going to be difficult. Gone are the days of physically managing the field force tasks. EmpFly, the leading Mobile Field Reporting Software is here to help you manage your teams and your field operations. It helps you streamline your processes to spend time on improving your business rather than just running it.

If you are the manager of a field servicing team, EmpFly is going to be your new best friend. Here is why:

Seamless Management of Your Team

EmpFly ensures that your field reps have all the information they need at their fingertips – literally. The EmpFly mobile app enables you to push notifications and information to your team, whether it’s a change in the journey plan or additional reporting criteria. No more excuses, only execution.

Real-Time Access to Critical Data

With EmpFly available on both desktop and mobile, access your data as it is uploaded. The field agent can upload his report as soon as his task is over. Since EmpFly is a cloud-based application, even large amounts of data can be stored, and stored for as long as you require it to be. No more lagged capturing of information, only accurate information.

Can be Customized to Suit Your Field Activation Needs

Do you need a regularly updated dashboard? Or do you need several pictures to be uploaded? Maybe you need a report on the efficiency of your field force? Whatever your field service management needs, EmpFly is equipped to handle them all. No more multiple excel sheets, only excellent management of field operations.

Automate Team Monitoring with Geo tracking and Geo-fencing

Monitor your Field Agents & Teams. Prevent fraudulent check-ins, and meeting misrepresentations using geo fencing. Your field staff can’t check-in or add meeting notes without being physically present in that particular location. Not only does it prevent dishonest practices, but also ensures that the reports are accurate.

How Do You Effectively Manage and Monitor Your Field Staff?


Location Monitoring

- Real time monitoring
- Automatic distance & time calculation
- Geofence alert


Ride Expense Automation

- Know the real time check-ins
- Swift Ride Expense creation
- Integration with the payroll system
- Verified Automatic Site Attendance (VASA)


Task Management

- Geo Verified Tasks / Sessions, Pictures and Locations
- Real time Task assignment and supervision
- Monitor work delays

Want to know how easy This App for Your Hardworking Salesforce Staffs!

Reason why you should implement this solution in your organisation!


Nailing Down a Visibility

Visibility during work hours and to ensure that all members focus on the tasks assigned.

Answering Team queries Efficiently

Field Staffs do not receive irritating calls every time from their office asking their location and what they do

Interacting with Proof

Everything is recorded and can be supported to the client in the event of any dispute.

Get on-board with a robust mobile application

Available for both IPhone & Android Users
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Field Force Monitor App by EmpFly