FFM software can enhance your service no matter what size or type of industry, the most critical resource is its employees. The workforce of an organization tends to grow; managing them and maintaining the organization’s smooth workflow becomes exceptionally challenging. To overcome this problem, we must successfully integrate strategic sales techniques, IT monitoring, inventory management, and customer satisfaction. We can accomplish this with the use of ‘Field Force Automation. The recent trends in the marketplace dictate that field force automation software is vital for businesses and cannot be avoided. We will look at the benefits in a moment, but before that, let’s discuss what Field Force Automation is.

Managers can monitor their mobile team’s activities, meetings, and travel with the help of field force management (FFM) software. It allows managers to stay informed and facilitates a coordinated response from the field and office teams.

FFM, also known as workforce management, is for the administration of a company’s field resources. FFM systems make it possible for field employees and office staff to work together without interruption. It is a framework for coordinating field service operations, including task planning, technician dispatching, monitoring work hours, and billing.

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Our FFM Software( Field Force Monitor) App is a cloud-based application developed in India. It helps track the location of field staff, automate daily attendance, record ride expenses, and manage daily tasks using geo-fencing capabilities. Use geo-tagged check-ins and performance tracking alerts to ensure that someone isn’t wasting their time.

Essential Features of FFM Software

A handy field force monitor app that offers features to enhance your team’s and organization’s productivity.

Location and attendance tracking

Tracks employees’ location and travel times automatically, and after that, generates a route showing the paths they took over specific periods.

Push notifications and geo-fencing

A system sends an alert if an employee enters or exits a Geo-fence, for example, when site attendance is verified automatically.

Timing for location

This software also records the amount of time an employee spends on-site and their visit duration.

Snap Photos

Managers can watch their employees take photos at various locations, which are automatically stamped with location and time data.

Task scheduling and planning

FFM Software helps managers evaluate their projects by calculating the time employees put into them.

Real-time tracking service

Suppose a manager or administrator wants to check an employee’s location. In that case, they can click a button to find the exact coordinates of the individual displayed on a map in real-time.

Send bills for uploading.

When an employee is travelling, he is at a greater risk of losing printed bills. However, he can upload invoices directly to the app and have them viewed by the administrator.

Offline storage

We keep track of data and all network connections because employees work in network environments that may not always be available.

Save mobile battery life

Such apps are built to work with minimal power since we understand that battery power is the most crucial thing when out in the field.

View All Your Field Staff in One Dashboard

Track all check-ins done by field staff at all client locations and generate a daily/monthly activity report.

Track customer POI to manage their locations

Setting up, assigning, and scheduling tasks can be done along with customer contact details and addresses.

What benefits FFM Software has?

Fully customizable to meet every need of your industry

It meets every requirement in field operations ranging from submitting field force efficiency reports to updating and managing the dashboard. Instead of using tonnes of Excel sheets to record and maintain data, No matter what kind of field service management needs you have, it’s a one-stop solution for all management needs.

Little paperwork and manual labour

Such software helps avoid data loss and other types of manual errors by real-time data management.

 Automated Team Monitoring

The task of adding notes or making check-in appearances is unlikely unless your employees are physically in the location, Prevent check-ins from being fraudulently reported and meetings from being misrepresented with geo-fencing.  It also ensures that the reports are accurate because it prevents dishonest practices. Hence, keeping tabs on all your field agents and teams.

Effective Team Management with No Gaps

FFM Software keeps your field representatives well-informed with easy access to essential details. This will ensure the work is being executed correctly and helps you communicate with your team via push notifications and updates on travel plans.

Real-time Access to Essential Data

  As soon as the field agent finishes his assignment, he can submit his report as this software is cloud-based, wherein data can be stored and retained for as long as you need it—no more misapprehended data; only information that is timely and correct. You’ll be able to access your files as soon as they upload.

Fields where FFM Software is being used:

1. Sales and marketing are two of the most important aspects of running a successful business:

Keep track of where you are and how things are going with your tasks.

Images that have been geo-verified and have a timestamp

Verifications of travel invoices

Keeping track of the amount of time spent on site.

Keep an eye on the situation on the ground.

Submit a meeting request

2. Work on the Construction Site

Keep track of where you are and how things are going with your tasks.

The number of people working on the sites

Tracking the amount of time taken to complete a task

Attendance on the job site

Having to stay late on the job site

Image capture to track progress

Any other field personnel tracking

3. Keep track of the whereabouts of your employees.

Real-time tracking of your location while travelling

Keep a record of each client visit.

Attendance that has been geo-verified

The total amount of time and distance travelled.

Capturing with geo-location and date/time information

4. Tracking of Security Personnel

Keeping track of the whereabouts of your employees.

The number of people working on the sites

Keep a record of each client visit.

Attendance that has been geo-verified

Having to stay late on the job site

Bills for travel expenses that have been verified

5. Tracking of Support Personnel

Time spent on the job site

Keep a record of each client visit.

Attendance that has been geo-verified

Change the duration of the shift at a specific time.

Delays in meeting service level agreements


Controlling a significant force in the field is anything but easy. One task is to monitor their activities, and another is to assist them in improving their productivity. You can enhance your field force by implementing a comprehensive FFM Software(field force management) system that runs smoothly on

And in these times of Infectious viruses all around, such software can ease the operations of field forces to a great extent by saving them a significant amount of time, expense and ensure safety (if they have worn masks properly or not). On the other hand, with the Role-based Access Management controlling the hierarchy by setting departments and roles, granting or removing access to departments and even specific functions, it is proving itself more useful in all terms

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