The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has left all the small as well as the large businesses and ventures shattered due to the abrupt discontinuation in field work causing major losses in economy and demand. Since businesses flourish majorly by interaction with new people across overseas boundaries. Corporate travel plays a major role in the expansion of any given business but the impact of the pandemic made it worse since travelling abroad was shut off completely and even going to local offices possessed risks. Since people could not physically go to their respective offices to work, Work from Home System became a kind of messiah for the ventures. Work could start because of the system called “Work from Home”. Given the fact that it is not as efficient as physically being present at the workplace to carry out the dedicated tasks but something is better than nothing at this given point of time.

Work from Home is a simple yet efficient way to work dedicatedly if done the right way. It has its own advantages as well as disadvantages given the fact that constraints differ from person to person. Since social distancing has become the new norm. People are staying connected with work, friends and family through video calls and schools and colleges have started giving online classes on video conferencing applications.

Working from home is nothing new and has been around in the industry for a while. Many businesses and organizations have already been practicing Work from Home long time even before the outbreak of Coronavirus which offered customizations and work flexibility to their employees. There is nothing demandingly extra about Work from Home. In certain work profiles, almost everything related to work can be done and managed right from home, including meetings, daily tasks, calls etc. It is not a practically preferred mode of work for the ones working in the manufacturing or medical industry which are more inclined towards field work but Work from Home system is a savior for many companies that would have otherwise closed and shut down affecting numerous people their jobs in the industry.

4 Advantages of Work from Home During Corona Virus

Below listed are a few advantages of Work from Home System amidst the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic;

  • Time saving and better work & life balance

Work from Home system demands nothing more than a good laptop/device for work, a good network connection for attending meetings and calls and dedicated place to setup a small workplace. Due to these reasons, people do not have to physically be present at the office which automatically cuts down on time spent in commute and the factors like traffic jams and rains are crossed off the list. This saved time can be put into use by dedicating it to office work hours and spending some of it with the family. Less commute time on crowded roads or public transport could mean more time to spend with your family, for leisure and most importantly, work. There is also the undoubted comfort that comes from being in your own mind and physical space, with your own things to work with and wearing what you are comfortable with.

  • Reduced operating costs of workspaces

Since people do not have to physically be present at the workplace, operating costs of offices and parking lots significantly decreases due to cut off in use of parking light, air conditioners, lifts etc. Few workspaces cut down rents for the space leased hence that expense also decreases. There will be no bus, cab transport costs and even lower real estate costs accompanied by lower salaries. Working from home saves everyone a lot of money. While employees spend less on commuting by being more flexible, employers can also save money. Businesses can also benefit majorly from managing to draw on larger group of employees. It is easier to hire from other countries if staff can work remotely from anywhere in the world. This also reduces the need for arranging work visas and work permits, and paying relocation expenses for overseas employees.

  • Highly improved productivity

Working in an external office or a busy workplace can possibly mean having to work around the crowd and distractions of a shared workspace. But working from home gives employees the chance to do things their way and get the work done even then. Depending on the situation of the employees, working from home indirectly connects to lesser interruptions from colleagues and friends dropping by the cubicle with gossip stories or hardships and problems, or the clutter of employees moving in and out at peak times of work. Employees may undoubtedly find themselves getting distracted by family members or flat mates. Establish working from home boundaries and laying down ground rules so that efficiency does not drop down at all. One can also be able to make their workspace even comfortable and effective for getting done daily tasks by replicating an office set-up to increase focus.

  • Greater work satisfaction

Work satisfaction is the most powerful thing. It can highly boost one’s productivity and efficiency by feeling engaged and motivated, and generally makes teams happier and more effective. Flexible working setups such as working from home are considered to be the top work perks.

Addressing the current situation in the outside world, maximum people have opted for Work from Home system until a vaccine or medication is generated and rightfully so. Work from Home helps staff to stay and spend quality time with their respective family members as well as get office work done seamlessly in the way one desires with increased efficiency and focus. Hence accepting the fact Work from Home is the new “office”, there are maximum advantages for working from home and all businesses and ventures should look forward to promoting it for the safety matters the most in these situations!