Touchless Checkin Hardware

Go Smart!

GPS Geolocation Tagging

Track employee attendance and access through geo tagged system. It helps your admin to identify & understand the precise location of where a specific facial recognition image of employees or visitors is captured.

Attendance Device Vito

Reception Table Top

Faster and effortless installation in just a minute for contactless visitor access and employee attendance system. Also available in Wall mount setup.

Self Check-in Kiosk

A perfect standalone Combat Kit for contactless access control system for
clean, hygienic, healthy and productive workplace.

AI based Facial Recognition

Host-Approval Authentication system

QR scan access to Visitors

Attendance Management & Access Control

Integrated Temperature Screening Kit

Hand Sanitization dispenser in Kiosk

Disinfection chamber for Bag, Mobile, Keys etc by UV-C

How Does it Work?

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