Fully Monitored Work From
Home system - A new way of Working

With EmpFly Work From Home (WFH), you gain full insight into employees action & behaviour while working from home. Allow time spend visibility, access & control and allow remote team management with robust dashboard.

Smart Application Features for Business

Monitor and record smartly to analyze your company valuable resources from anywhere around the world.

Idle Hours Tacking

Allow monitoring feature to get a sneak preview at what your employee is doing at that specific moment.

Home Attendance System

Allow employee to maintain in & out of system & attendance as per office hours and count their productivity.

Multi-user Management

Avail multi-user monitoring benefits through smart dashboard & manage remote team intelligently.

Website History Tracking

Track & monitor all website visits within your employee force

Auto-Time Tracking

Track your employee’s login and logout time with idle time logs and screenshots

Productivity Calculator and

Record & analyze logs to find productivity. On real time basis.

Analysis, Statistics and Reports Management

Generate & download an instant, customized infographic and view of your company Productivity Data Diagram and record your employee behavior through smart remote surveillance system . Gain company-wide visibility through built-in AI controls & Log systems.

How Does it Work?

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