A recent study has found that 87% of the time consumers find the lower rates through an online travel agency, and that’s a lot if you want to save some bucks and save that many for your next trip.

Are you in doubt that if everything will go well or not on your next trip? Are you getting confused about where to book hotels, flights, and everything else for your next trip? Do you still doubt is it even good to use an Online Travel Agency for planning your next trip? Then you should know why is it useful and how it can make your next trip a smooth sail. First of all, you need to know what is an Online Travel Agency? This will help you in understanding what you are getting into.

What is an Online Travel Agency?

An online travel agency is a web-based marketplace that allows consumers to research and book travel products and services, including hotels, flights, cars, tours, cruises, activities, and more, directly with travel suppliers. Every day, millions of travellers around the world use online travel agencies to plan leisure and business travel. It’s like an online shopping site for all your travel planning.

Online travel agencies are third parties who sell services on behalf of other companies. Usually, these agencies offer many benefits with added convenience with more of a self-service approach. They also include a built-in booking system that allows you to instantly book anything.

11 Advantages to Hire an Online Travel Agency?

Now we should get into, why you should plan your next trip using an Online Travel Agency for your next trip and how it is the best way to get a stress-free vacation!

  1. To start, just think of planning a trip without an online agency. That’s right, use only the websites or toll-free numbers of an airline, car rental agency or hotel. Frustrated only just by thinking? You’re not alone. That’s why consumers who hire an online travel agency get access to all of these options in one place, from hotels, flights to all the adventure activities, you can also plan where to visit, where to go, what to do, all of that at just one place, without ringing any bell, without standing in queues for hours, just by sitting at your home and exploring all the options at one place.
  2. You get the ability to compare prices and online agencies allow travellers to compare, selecting the best airline or hotel at a low price. You can compare prices of all the flights to your destinations, all the activities, every hotel, and much more while sipping a cup of coffee.
  3. You get more choices at every point not just the ones owned by a single hotel chain or airline, but all the hotels, flights and activities available at your choice of destination. The vast majority of travellers are not loyal to any single brand and they like to compare different hotels, flights, and activities present at a particular location, and these OTAs help you do so in a very efficient manner.
  4. Many Online Travel Agencies also have direct communications with many major travel suppliers, hotels, flights and this helps them in providing the consumer with very competitive pricing which you just can’t let it go.
  5. Travel Agencies also offer customized package deals that bundle air, hotel, and activities into one affordable price, and that is the true meaning of everything at one place, and ask yourself what’s better than getting everything at one bundle and affordable prices.
  6. Some agencies even provide personalized travel offers and recommendations for you. These offers are strictly tailored for you and only you can see them and book them, they help you in getting more out of your next trip and enjoy the trip mostly with all the things you need and expect.
  7. Ever thought hoe cluttered it gets when you have to take the print out of tickets, hotel bookings and show them at every point of your trip and sometimes they get misplaced and a beautiful trip just became a nightmare, not with the online travel agency, most of the OTAs are mobile friendly and if you book from these all of your bookings, tickets get stored there and you can just use your mobile to access every booking, because of all this you don’t have to worry about losing an important document or ticket and just travel without any stress.
  8. Websites like ExpressEarth Travel, MMT, Booking.com also provide customer reviews which play a very important role in deciding whether the place you are planning to stay or the flight you are going to take is worthy enough or not according to you, and they also provide only the best-reviewed choices for you.
  9. Online travel agencies offer real-time availability, something that has only hit the scenes thanks to incredible technological advancement. Travelers can choose when they’d like to book a tour and find a tour or activity that fits their itinerary. This could mean a last-minute booking, night before or an hour before your travel. So what is stopping you from planning those last-minute trips that were previously exhausting and can be thrown into a bin, but now they are possible and with the help of these agencies.
  10. Online Travel Agency also provides good customer service with 24×7 customer supports and smooth transactions, which help in enhancing customer satisfaction.
  11. Many corporate travel agencies have an easy cancellation policy, and you can cancel any booking if your plan changes or you are just not satisfied with your bookings. Many agencies allow you to even change your date of travel easily and without troubling you with questions.

Bottom Line

So, what you are waiting for, go ahead and grab all the benefits provides by these Online Travel Agencies like comparing prices, affordable stays, cheap flights, insights to the destination, custom made packages and whatnot, and make your next trip one of your best vacations. Grab your bag and start traveling!