We understand that being a corporate traveler is not an easy job.  Shorter trips, frequent travels, and confined schedules can ruin your whole traveling experience. Traveling for work can be cumbersome, if not handled properly. As one has to accomplish the work, enjoy the experience, and also look after one’s health. Though you might have a list of essentials things to carry for recreational trips, the requirements for corporate travelers are a bit different.

Therefore, we have created a list of products that will help to enhance your overall traveling experience while meeting the business objectives for which you are traveling in the first place. Let’s have a look-


  1. Carry a Water Bottle –Health is wealth. Water consumption at a proper interval of time is very essential while traveling to avoid dehydration. The business trips are tiring and you have to run from one schedule to another to meet the objectives of your travel and accomplish the work. Therefore, having a compact water bottle that filter the contaminants on its own and provide safe, clean water wherever you go is necessary.
  2. A Power Bank- You won’t have consistent access to electricity while you are traveling and your cell phone, tablet, or laptop may run out of battery life. And trust us; it will happen at the worst possible time. Therefore, we advise you to carry a battery backup to revive your electronic devices rather than hustling for a charging station. So, charge your devices before leaving and stay connected all along.
  3. Applications – Apps are the Savior for corporate travelers. From keeping a tab on flight schedules to checking the weather, the travelers are very much reliant on the apps. But the question arises “what apps should one have before leaving the home?”. Don’t fret, we have gathered some apps which you can refer to –
    • Weather App
    • Google Maps
    • Booking app
    • Currency Converter (if your trip is international)
    • App to check your luggage
    • Google translate
    • An app to spot food corners or restaurants
  4. Internet Access- It goes without saying that you have a stable internet connection on your cell phone which can work as a hotspot enabling your laptop or tablet and the hotel amenities will also include a Wi-Fi connection.  But reconsider before leaving; you will need a reliable and stable internet connection for your meetings, conferences, or video calls with family. Therefore, we recommend a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to keep you connected.
  5.  A Hand Sanitizer and a First-Aid Kit – Keeping the pandemic situation into consideration, hand sanitizer is the most essential product the corporate travelers should pack with themselves. Frequently sanitize your hands and maintain proper distance while in commute. Apart from that, keep a handy First-Aid kit to take care of small wear and tear that might happen during your visit. Also, splitting headaches or back pain is very common, especially in corporate trips, therefore bring sufficient medicines to cater to all your needs.
  6. Plastic Bags- Plastic bags are of multi-purpose use. You can use them to keep your dirty laundry, cover your spoiled shoes, or keep your toiletries from spilling on your formal wear. You might think twice before packing them but during the trip, you’ll end up using them again and again.
  7. Wrinkle Releaser –You have been preparing for that important meeting for months and now when the time has come, would you wear a wrinkled suit to the meeting? Definitely, not. Though, most of the hotels stock irons and also provide ironing services to get your formal wears in the shape for the meeting, you should be prepared for the worst as well. Pack a wrinkle releaser spray to iron your clothes on the go without relying on the hotel services.
  8. Luggage Scale – Since the companies have so many low-cost airlines available at their disposal, there are good chances that the corporate travelers are using this means for their commute.  And we all are aware that the flights restrict the weight of the luggage that the passengers are carrying with themselves. So, instead of paying hefty fees for the excess of luggage that you are carrying, you can simply invest in a luggage scale. It will weigh your luggage beforehand and (or your company) will save you from paying the extra dollars that you were about to pay.
  9. Credit, Debit, or ATM Card-Though it is self-explanatory and a must-have item when you are traveling, but do check with your bank in case you are traveling overseas whether they charge any extra amount for transactions. Also, don’t forget to take your business cards as you might need them on your visit.
  10. Small Carry-on bag- A Carry-on bag is a must-have for a corporate traveler as it provides a spacious interior to store everything that is required while traveling. The travelers tend to carry many important documents, laptop, chargers which should be available to them as and when required and therefore cannot be kept in other luggage. Also, you don’t have to pay for extra luggage anymore as all your important things are already in your hand safely placed in a compact carry-on bag.

Bottom Line

Apart from this list, being a corporate traveler we would suggest that you follow all the safety measures to protect yourself from COVID-19. Always remember to wear your mask, face shield, and hand gloves while traveling and maintain proper distance to avoid contact. Carry a hand sanitizer and keep sanitizing your hands at proper intervals of time. Stay safe!!