At a difficult time of Covid-19, with the coronavirus still prevalent, it is necessary to monitor social distance. Therefore, every organization should implement a visitor management system that uses the website for safety and security concerns. The website visitor management system works on the web and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with the appropriate credentials.

So how do you set up a website visitor management system for your organization? How will it work? If these questions are hidden when you have to choose a visitor management system that uses multiple websites, then do not look any further.

6 Unique Features of Visitor Management System

  1. Touchless check-in

To comply with Covid-19, eye recognition, spot detection, temperature scanning can be provided by AI (Artificial Intelligence) which must be located on the office door.

  • Efficient visitor management

Pre-registered pass can be sent to visitors and pass verification can be done with the help of QR code in case of declaration form or document verification is necessary.

  • e-Badges

Customize access to all visitors by granting / disabling access to certain areas via e-badges.

  • Schedule and arrange meetings

To effectively manage the work process of visitors, aggregated information from all stakeholders and their appointment details can be collected to organize meetings and personal contacts at the workplace.

  • Reporting and exporting data

Stakeholders or officials can automate informed decision-making reporting to increase workplace safety.

  • Integration with core business applications

Web applications will interact with core business applications as well as specialized APIs.

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Reasons why one should choose Visitor Management System over the manual sign-in system

A visitor management system is a must for everyone to prevent Corona virus from spreading. Although the old technique of self-login has been around for a long time, it has not yet proved very successful as it required physical touch which is now be considered as an unsafe practice. The visitor management system is your ultimate solution to all your worries about your security and the things around you and in addition to providing you with security, it also provides your visitors with a hassle-free check in and check out facility.

There are many reasons why you should choose a visitor management system through the manual login process. A few of them are listed below:

  • Safety and security:

The visitor management system is very sophisticated when it comes to safety and security at your place. In the manual process, visitors make entries and you cannot be sure if the information provided is true or not and anyone who visits your site can easily access your visitor logs. The VMS ensures that the details of each visitor mentioned are correct by sending a one-time password (OTP) and accompanying it to your real-time checkout, which has no chance of being fake.

  • Reliability and accuracy:

As mentioned above, visitor authentication is done via OTP. Therefore, the visitor details are accurate and cannot be retailed. This then ensures that the information is trustworthy and usable whenever and wherever required.

  • You can pay in advance:

This system can prove to be productive for a number of reasons, one of which is the pre-registered visitor feature. Whenever a visitor comes to your place, they have to make an entry into the guidebook. But with the help of Visitor Management System, visitors can register in advance / arrive and avoid the long queues waiting at the reception.

  • Impact monitoring capabilities:

All of your guests cannot be checked by the security guard if they are in or near your location. The visitor management system has this powerful system which when the visitor terminates, the security guard receives a notification about the unemployed visitors in any place, and therefore, they can handle it accordingly.

  • Provides long lasting effects:

The visitor management system provides an efficient technology facility where security and auditing systems work smoothly and with value will definitely make a lasting impact on your visitors. It makes them feel valued and makes a good impression on your organization.

Benefits of the Visitor Management System

  • You know who your visitors are, which helps you reduce risk and increase office security. The visitor management system allows your visitors to pre-register and access all relevant details. You can quickly implement their details in advance.
  • Get notified and prepare for a better visit. When a visitor receives a pre-registration, they receive a notification with all the necessary details on their mobile phone or email. This helps to speed up the check at the security door. Upon arrival at the venue, the arrival notice is also sent to the receptionist.
  • The visitor management system has the option of creating an e-pass (including the printing of labels) for visitors with the following information: name, photo, contact details, organization name, and contact name. It also includes a transcript of all documents and a visitor ID card for added security.
  • Extremely controlled access to visitors. One of the most important benefits of a visitor access management system is its ease of control. By entering a visitor ID (fingerprint or fingerprint) or RFID card (QR code), you can restrict a visitor’s access and access only in a designated area.
  • Stop entering the same data every time and again. Maintain a database of visitors with software. This will help you build visitors through quickly, avoiding access to the same user details every time and save hours.
  • Visitor Information displays the current status of visitors. It provides real-time information of visitors within the venue, the status of registered visitors, pre-registered visitors, aspiring visitors, rejected visas, expired passports and more. This information is essential for increasing site security.
  • Another big benefit of using an automated visitor management system is that you can create Excel, PDF, CSV, Word, and RTF reports. For example, you can view reports of visitor punch details, pre-registered visitors, visitor access denied, registration status, pass validity and more.


Therefore, any organization can identify, track and monitor the activities of visitors inside and outside their office space on a daily basis with the help of a visitor management system.