Business travel or Global Business Travel is an important part of the running of modern-day companies. It doesn’t matter if you have a small business, a startup, or a multinational company. Progressions in technology and the rise of digital meetings and virtual transfer of reports have become a new trend in the corporate world, but numerous businesses still rely on engaging with clients face-to-face and network nationally or globally.

Managing corporate travel arrangements has grown to be a frequently important factor, as businesses to cope with budget constraints, increasing travel costs, and limited availability in important business destinations. Your staff’s confidence and safety, while on a business trip, are becoming an important concern as well.

As time is passing, corporate travel requirements have become more complex, many companies have started to add tools, methods, and people that can help them in streamlining the online travel booking means, to improve employees’ business trip experience, and to help them stick to their corporate travel budget.

What is Business Travel Management?

With the rise of Global Business Travel Management, we should also need to know what exactly is business travel management. Business Travel Managementis a procedure for managing a business’ approach to meet the travel requirements of its employees, and the associated expenses and corporate responsibilities.

For a lot of businesses, travel, and the expenses associated with it are the business’ second-highest manageable cost after salaries and privileges. Business travel management plays a significant role in the strategic interest of any organization. It usually falls under the administrative, finance, HR, purchasing or support services departments, and it is usually managed by a travel manager who is accountable for:

  • Creation and implementation of the business’ travel arrangement.
  • Negotiating prices and volumes with travel suppliers like airlines, hotels, car rental, etc.
  • Ensuring the security of the employees while they are traveling for the business.
  • Organizing and managing corporate credit cards and other programs for the company.
  • Obtaining and managing the services of outside service providers such as corporate travel software, corporate travel expense software, and online travel management services.

What is Global Business Travel Management?

In global travel business management, you can control all your business travel management needs at one place. It can help you in organizing all your travel needs, no matter wherever you want to go for your next corporate trip in one place. Companies like EmpFly (WEBSITE URL)  are one of the top providers of Global Business Travel Management.

6 Benefits to Hire a Global Business Travel Management Company for Your Next Trip?

So, here are few reasons to choose Global Business Travel Management for your company’s business trips.

  1. EFFICIENCY: If we look globally, traveling for business is on the rise, and for many firms, a portable workforce has become a major expense. Having a Global Business Travel Management solution will focus on improving cost efficiency besides improving future efficiency for corporate travel. It would also be responsible for assuring the safety of employees when they are traveling for work and to compile all relevant travel policies with it.
  2. TIME-MANAGEMENT: Managing an arranging a corporate trip can take a significant amount of time, with all of the burden often placed on the individual, or the finance department. If we look at it, when corporate travel is not managed and organized, employees often book their travel independently using their payment cards. For an organization that has a very motorized workforce, the workload and expenses required can soon become overpowering. A dedicated global business travel manager can control and handle many issues like these.
  3. EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION: A global business travel management team can also significantly help in increasing employee satisfaction. By having one less time-consuming organizational job to add to their list, your representatives have more productive time to work on the core business. Managing additional arrangements for the employee can incorporate: getting visas and required paperwork, maintaining immunizations, providing travel insurance, booking conference/meeting facilities, and restaurants, etc. These extra efforts can usually take hours to organize and streamline. Having a dedicated travel management solution will be the go-to solution for assuring that everything works smoothly.
  4. ORGANISATION: Fora business having corporate travel policies are necessary because they allow companies to regulate the expenses of sending employees on business trips, and they allow companies to have any authority over the employee’s travel activity and safety. A typical business travel policy will include items such as what service employees should use, how they are going to book travel, what are the costs that are covered on a corporate card, and how reimbursement is going to work.
  5. SAFETY: All of us have heard horror stories of leisure vacation disasters, and sadly, without careful arrangement, the same thing can happen with a corporate trip. Having canceled flights or overbooked accommodations can seriously hinder your employee’s travel itinerary. A company that requires its representatives to travel has a responsibility of care to ensure they are protected while traveling, and an organized global business travel management can make this feasible. They will do all the research and secure all travel arrangements for the employee, as well as staying on hand to arrange alternative travel arrangements if a crisis occurs.
  6. BUDGET: A global business travel management will control the amount of money spent on getting employees to and from their work destination in the most budgetary way possible. Though they understand an employee should be safe and comfortable when they travel for business, so it’s not always about booking the most affordable flights or accommodation. But they can also negotiate the best possible rates with the travel service provider as they are offering a volume of bookings. A good travel management team can provide corporate travel savings that far surpass their salary.


Investing in a good Global Travel management solution will only do good for your company. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a team to do it, or going with a much feasible option of a digital solution. You and your company will only get benefits from this.