The Corporate Travel Industry has been expanding since its inception and now its market size is expected to reach $1,657 billion by 2023. Significant development of the travel sector has fostered the demand for corporate travel.

Renting a Corporate apartment for business travel has become more and more acceptable and popular these days when it comes to travel in comfort and “feeling home away from home”. Because for business travelers, accommodation isn’t just a place to sleep, but a place to work, live, and feel like home. Whether you’ve never heard of corporate apartments before or have heard but are skeptical about them, we will discuss every single attribute that makes them stand out from the rest of the alternatives and a smarter choice in the corporate travel industry. But, first of all, let’s discuss-

 What a Corporate Apartment Really is?

A corporate apartment is a term used for “turnkey” apartments that are rented for business purposes on a temporary basis. These are usually fully-furnished accommodations that can be booked for either medium or long term stays. Services and Amenities offered by the corporate apartments are the same as that of serviced apartments.

Benefits of Corporate Apartment for Frequent Business Travelers

Now let’s look into the provisions that corporate housing offers to the business travelers and companies –

  1. Value for Money; Cost Savings

Corporate Apartments comes at a more affordable price as compared to the hotels or travel stays. Usually, companies direct a team of employees for a business trip which consists of at least 5-6 people on an average, therefore rather than booking separate rooms for employees and paying for the accommodation on a daily basis, renting a fully furnished corporate apartment which accommodates the whole team under one roof is a more economical bargain. Since you can clean your clothes and cook your meals within your own corporate apartment; you can save on food and laundry expenses.  But that’s not the only way corporate housings will help you in cutting the costs, they offer pliable price ranges which depend on the length of your stay and the number of travelers. If you’re traveling for a long period with a big group, a corporate apartment will be the best alternative as it offers the best deal.

  • Amenities

Corporate Housing provides a lot of amenities to cater to most of our needs and enhance our living experience. The apartments are all-inclusive as opposed to hotels where you have to pay for separate services and utilities. The corporate apartments are usually fully-furnished and are equipped with high-speed internet.

Other amenities that you’ll get include-

  • Full kitchen: Corporate apartments are equipped with a fully functional kitchen. The kitchen has a stove, microwave oven, and all other amenities that you might need while cooking. This will help you save money you could have spent in eating out or ordering in hotels. Also, this perpetuates the habit of eating healthy rather than junking around when you are traveling.
  • Washer and DryerUsing the hotel laundry services or going to the Laundromats can add up the expenses of staying in a hotel. On the other hand, the apartment offers you washers and dryers so that you can wash your own clothes.
  •  Private parking area to park vehicles safely.
  • Fitness centers equipped with all the advanced machinery e.g walking and jogging trails.
  • Resort-style swimming pool to hang out and chill in leisure time.
  • Better furniture than the hotels, designed to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. 
  • A Home Away From Home

The first and foremost advantage of living in a corporate apartment is that you get to spend a week or a month in a place that is equipped with a living room, a kitchen, and a real neighborhood. The apartments are spacious and you get the freedom to do anything you would do in your home. The apartment will feel like home in no time, unlike the hotels where you get this strange, outsider feeling. In Apartment, you can watch and enjoy your favorite sports with your colleagues in leisure time, fix your untimely cravings in your own kitchen or go for evening trolls in the neighborhood. And shortly you won’t even mind being on extended business trips, as you are already in your home away from home.

  • Flexibility and Freedom

Companies are focusing extensively on keeping travelers satisfied by personalizing their experience and reducing the friction to make their stay as efficient and easy as possible. The companies are also very flexible and provide wider options to choose from.

Apart from that, the travelers are not bound within the confines of their hotel room but are free to hang out in their spacious apartment. They are not obliged to eat outside as they have access to their own kitchen where they can cook –a healthy way out!! Each corporate apartment has its indoor laundry facilities, so you are free to clean your clothes anytime at no extra cost! Having an apartment also permits your privacy which in case of hotels is missing. The industry is progressively evolving to serve the travelers with the best possible experience and the short term apartments are designed considering the modern businessperson.

  • Team Building

The corporate apartments not only make you feel like home but also facilitate team building. Having a group of employees share a multi-bedroom apartment, is far more superior than staying in a luxurious hotel for extended stays. They can cook together, do the laundry together, or even enjoy the recreational time together, watching sports or playing an indoor game. This enhances the harmony among the teammates and will result in more productive and motivated employees.

  • Spacious

The apartments are usually built in large spaces and have a dining area, large living room, separate bedrooms, study table, fitness area, fully-functional kitchen, balconies, swimming pools, etc. They are designed to make you feel comfortable and free. Whereas the hotel rooms are confined and you can’t get rid of that strange alien feeling. If you’re on an extended stay, you have to stare the same four walls day in and out and move around in a tightly packed room for weeks or months.

  • Many Choices

Since corporate apartments come in many different styles and varieties, you have many options at your disposal. You can choose among private homes, high rises, condos, and much more. You can negotiate as well (as the companies tend to be flexible) to get the best deal at the right price.

Bottom Line

After discussing all these benefits of the Corporate Housings, we can easily infer that they are the better and smarter choice for a traveler as well as for the company when it comes to travel for work. So, don’t forget to book your corporate apartment on your next business trip!!