The sudden arrival of COVID-19 has really changed the way people were living before. The existence of this fatal virus affects the economies of all countries of the world. This explosion slowed economic growth by 50% this year. The partial functioning of multinational organizations in about two months is the biggest reason for the economic downturn.

90% of companies have started working on balancing the rate of the economy. Unfortunately, the use of fingerprint biometrics is the first hurdle that employees face before they begin their duties. Fortunately, a solution has arrived in which employees must use contactless biometric face reader attendance systems instead of the traditional one. Therefore, by directing your employees to follow social distancing, employers should also install this touchless attendance system.

Importance of Contactless Biometrics Access Control in Professional Places:

Since the spread of coronavirus is increasing at a very good rate, only precautionary measures can prevent employees from intervening in the jaws of COVID-19. Ideally sitting at home by switching to a job or taking a few months off is not a solution to tackling this virus. Since the use of sanitation is increasing day by day over office equipment, Fingerprint Biometric application machines are still unsafe because every employee has to touch it before entering.

To keep the organization’s work environment healthy and safe, many reputable sectors have expanded their biometric system from fingerprint to contactless. It is a machine that is used to automatically analyse facial expressions such as cheeks, ears, eyes, nose and other parts. With the installation of the Face Reader’s Biometric Attendance Machine, it becomes easier to secure the time management system.

Where Can a Contactless Biometric Face Reader be Used?

A contactless face biometric system is highly recommended for use where safety is paramount. For government, non-government, educational institutions, coaching centres, medical centres, supermarkets, etc., a bio-reader should be installed quickly.

How Does a Contactless Face Recognition Attendance System Work?

Since this contactless biometric attendance system is designed to guarantee seamless experience, it works by taking the photos and matching them to the saved database. This machine is capable of validating the face in real time, that is;

  • Flawless to operate
  • Fully functional
  • Authentic for countless identifications
  • Saves time, energy and cost
  • Contactless emergence solution
  • Managed to capture the image even in low conditions

In addition, additional security features are associated with this inaccessible biometric machine such as the Door Access Control Attendance System, etc.

Bottom Line

Although fingerprinting is the permanent solution to verify the identity of the person, but contactless biometrics is the temporary yet effective solution during COVID-19. Otherwise, biometric devices are most recommended for use in fingerprint and iris scanning, facial structure and other means of recognizing human attributes. Until the COVID-19 is over, the face biometric machine is the most effective safety measure over the Fingerprint Biometric system.

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