The benefits of working from home in the current pandemic situation are more as compared to physically going to the workplace for carrying out daily tasks. All that the employees really need is an isolated place where all the work related documents can be placed and easily found out, a good device to work efficiently upon and a good network connection to carry out presentations, meetings and calls. There is not much that could possibly go wrong other than involvement of family members, kids and pets while working and also the technical mistakes that the employees make themselves. One small mishap or mistake from the employee’s side can leave their venture or organization or least the entire team in jeopardy, especially because almost everyone is working from home and control the dealt damage has become very difficult virtually. Given below are a few technical Common Mistakes to Avoid While Working Remotely from Home;

6 Technical Mistakes Employees Should Avoid While Working from Home

  1. Saving official work on personal drives and storage

Employees should be able to keep office work way from home. Whatever daily tasks are carried out by the employees or whatever data is worked upon or recorded; the employees should see to it that the entire data is stored securely in different secure documents which will minimize the risk of data leakage as data is the most precious asset in 21st century. Data leaks can cause severe damage to security framework of the entire company and can possess a threat to it in the future.

  • Using insecure public network connections

Since everything in 2020 has shifted to online cloud storage and servers because of implementation of work from home system, hackers and data decrypters are targeting the organization employees for theft of data via public network channels. Since employees have very small but very critical data regarding the company, leaks cam cause the company to suffer big time. Hence using a VPN or a proxy network for working can be the best remedy to keep such incidents away. Firewalls can also be installed on devices that employees work on by using a reliable anti-virus protection for the desktop. It is highly recommended to choose a VPN service to protect the domestic internet connections from avoiding all sorts of data theft activities. Installing a VPN service on domestic network will ensure an additional security layer for the work.

  • Using the same browser over the same network for work as well as leisure

It is strongly recommended for employees to keep a separate browser or a completely different profile for professional office related work and for leisure use. Using the same browser for both professional work and leisure use may result in a variance in the type of content data and advertisements one sees because of the random cache memory. For most organizations, the IT cell department maintains a track of the information given and obtained from the office server.

  • Storing personal data on office laptop

As also mentioned in the above point, it is highly advisable for employees to not store their personal data, pictures and stuff on a work profession desktop. More so over there are chances that employees will have to submit the laptop to the department and get another one any day when you join the office normally. If it just cannot be avoided, then try to store your personal data and stuff in a separate file folder and mark it accordingly so that you know where your data is.

  • Do not keep your stuff or laptop unattended or unlocked

If you live in a huge joint family with lots of kids and teenagers at home, one should not keep their device unattended or at the hands of people who do not know how to use it. Small kids can tend to mess around with fancy devices to send random emails or turning on a video chat or typing rubbish in a presentation you have been working dedicatedly working on for hours and days, this could be named the biggest mistake one’s work from home life to keep your work laptop unattended and unlocked.

  • Refrain from using a bad network

Since most of the office work is done on wlan platforms or online, using a bad network can possibly result in the loss of data that one has spent so much time in completing and compiling. Online platforms often do not use auto-save feature in processing and probable network of electricity issues can lead to losses in the work done or data procured.

Such technical work from home mistakes can be rectified with the use of advanced technology which allows complete protection against such cyber activities. Hence providing a better experience with assured safety and security!