If you are not worried about facial biometric identification systems, think again and read the facts I am sharing with you in this article and be prepared for the truth. Facial biometric system technology is spreading like fire and you should be worried. A software that lets you identify you by comparing images of your face against a database of records is in essence a facial recognition system.

The facial biometric appearance system has triggered a heated debate. The biometric attendance system is a violation of human rights and is against natural justice in a democracy. This concern has been expressed by prominent technology, activists, politicians, academics and even police forces.

Biometric Facial Identification System: These Four Reasons You Should Be Concerned About

  1. There is no clear legal and / or regulatory framework

India and many countries have no specific laws that govern the use of facial biometric systems. Thus, in the absence of any law, it allows facial biometric manufacturers to misuse your facial data without any knowledge or consent and use your facial data in forms you don’t like. Huh.

  • Lack of consent

Do you know how facial biometric identification systems are being used? Lack of detailed and specific information about facial biometric data is really bad. Thus, you are not given an opportunity to consent and you are deprived of choice and control over the use of your facial data.

  • Error

Facial biometric systems promise accurate identification. However, the algorithm is modelled on a racially biased data set, which misidentifies certain people of a particular colour, particularly as it has been explored by several studies. This is a worrying factor as it can lead to unlawful arrests and can also lead to discrimination against women and people from lower backgrounds.

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Hazards of Facial Biometric Systems

Are you absolutely sure that developers of facial biometric machines will not collect your facial data with malicious intent? If you do not have an answer, then keep reading because this blog will make you aware of the dangers of Biometric Facial Identification System.

  • There is a need to adopt a strict stance on facial biometric technologies.

Your phone is in the pocket, but a face is always exposed, and it is very easy to identify, which means that your privacy will no longer be a fundamental human right. And it is more dangerous to use facial biometric appearance day by day for your life. I am going to take you through the dangers of Biometric Facial Identification System.

  • Exploitation of facial biometric data has more serious consequences because your facial biometric data is immutable.

Okay, if your password is stolen, you can just change the password. If this condition occurs with your face or fingerprint, then its effect will be more harmful. Unfortunately, you cannot change your face, just as you can change a password. Therefore, facial biometric authentication is more dangerous for users than using traditional passwords.

  • It is easy to collect biometric data of your face.

The concept of data privacy is gaining momentum in India, and more and more users are not willing to trade privacy for convenience or entertainment. The facial biometric appearance system and facial recognition technology violate your fundamental human right.

San Francisco has banned Biometric Facial Identification System because it is psychologically unhealthy that you are being watched all the time. The European Union is looking to ban facial biometric systems. Oakland, California and Somerville are the other cities that have banned facial recognition systems.