As a business person, you must be living in a suitcase. It’s also obvious that you are spending a quarter or more of your time living out of a hotel room or in a board room. If you are someone who works in the corporate world, it’s important to travel to understand how different users view your service and products. People are not monolithic and travel gives you a chance to experience cultures and understand where differences come from, and how they can improve your relationships and your business.

Many frequent corporate travellers think traveling as one of the worst parts of their job. The pressure of policy-compliant booking, tight packing, busy airports, and trying to squeeze a MacBook Pro between yourself and the reclined seat before you without spilling a drink on the snoring man at 16B, can surely be overwhelming.

20 Business Travel Tips and Tricks for the Frequent Corporate Travelers!

From surprise travel upgrades to quick check-in, anything that can lessen the hassle of jet-setting can be a lifesaver. If you’re frequent corporate traveler on the road for work, use these tips to make the most of your time away from home.

  • Carry on the Essentials

If you are a corporate traveler then the first and only key is to make sure that everything fits in a carry-on, like a great soft tote bag to carry extras, including your computer or tablet. Everything should be able to be folded and if your carry on has a place for suits, even better. Usually, three changes in the outfit are enough with two or three shirts. One pair of shoes to go to all the meetings and another for travel. Cosmetics, toiletries, etc. can be in your suitcase or tote bag depending on how much room there is.

  • Never Run Out of Power

Charge everything you’re going to need, and put it next to your car keys and purse or wallet so you make sure to pack it in your carry-on before driving to the airport or get on the road. Bring a portable battery (power bank) to recharge your cell phone, especially if you’re going to be on a plane for a long time. Make sure it’s in your carry-on luggage so you can use it on the plane.

  • Check-In Ahead of Time

Every airline company gives you a check-in intimation 12-24 hours in advance on your registered number or email id. It is wise to check-in for your flight and to get your boarding pass printed out before you arrive at the airport, to stay on track.

  • Pack Dark Colour Clothes

If you are a frequent corporate traveller, you need to make sure that when you reach to a place for a meeting, your clothes are not looking dirty or messed up because of all the ink stains, coffee/tea stains or food stains because you don’t know when something can go wrong, so it is smart to pack dark coloured clothes to save your day.

  • Avoid checking in a bag on your flight

Aside from the fact that bags can be lost, the time spent checking bags and waiting at baggage claim is a huge waste. It is important to be vigilant on business trips, and can be a waste of time if you are checking your luggage.

  • Choose your Hotel/Stay Location Wisely

Being a frequent corporate traveller, you should book a hotel/stay close to the client or business location to avoid early morning commutes, traffic delays, etc. Before booking, look up at the nearest hotel locations and if there’s a discount that you’d be able to use.

  • Safeguard you Documents

You are traveling for business and what if, something went wrong and you lose all your documents, it’s always better to click pictures of the documents or store a soft copy of the documents in your preferable online storage drive.

  • Also, Include Casual Clothes

Yes, you are traveling for business but you should also think about comfort, or what if you have to travel in and around, a set of casual clothing is a must while traveling.

  • Create a Travel Itinerary

If an itinerary is not already provided to you or even it is provided, plan an itinerary to organize your travel plans, and make the most out of your travel.

  • While Packing, Keep Security Checks in Mind

Depending on where you’re traveling to, you will have to follow various security protocols. Your liquids and electronics should be easily accessible.

  • Pack a Medical Travel Kit

It does not matter if you’re traveling for 2 days or a week, having a medical kit is essential. Keep body pain killers, meds for headaches, or last-minute sneeze-attacks to avoid falling ill. Your agenda is to hit the meetings not the hotel bed.

  • Sign Up for Air Miles Program

Maybe you’re not a frequent flyer, but you should still sign up for Air Miles when you travel because you are more likely to be a business representative in the future.

  • Pack Some Healthy Snacks

How you present yourself is important, so while traveling you should also focus on your diet, and what you put in your mouth. Apart from being healthy, these snacks can also be very helpful, to get rid of your last-minute cravings while being on a flight or on the field.

  • Travel on Big Holidays

Traveling during holidays can be expensive or crowded, but if you travel on the actual day of the holiday, you can save some bucks and the stress of being in a crowd.

  • Always Carry a Lock

It is important for making sure that all your luggage and stuff are safe when you are moving from one place to another and in the case of corporate travellers it becomes much more important.

  • Bring your Entertainment

You may be drained from the board room meetings and multiple client calls, so you need your nirvana moment. Bring a book to read, watch Netflix, or just listen to your travel playlist.

  • Ask for a Room Upgrade

Yes, it works, many hotels offer room upgrades to their frequent visitors or even to normal visitors. If you’re staying in a hotel, ask the front desk staff for a room upgrade if the hotel doesn’t seem busy. In slow times, you may be able to get a better room at no extra cost.

  • Negotiate a Better Car Deal

After booking a car, you can always negotiate to get an upgrade and travel in a high-end car or getting a better price for your current booked car.

  • Make Time to Sleep and Exercise

Avoid sleep deprivation and the effects of jet lag by taking short naps and going to sleep and waking up at normal hours for your destination. Increase your productivity and reduce travel stress by getting a walk after meetings or hitting a hotel gym if available.

  • Get a Travel Insurance

Being a frequent corporate traveller, travel insurance is the most important thing you get that you never want to use. If something goes wrong, you don’t want to be out thousands of rupees in medical bills.

So, Armed Up with These Travel Tips, Suit Up Yourself for your Next Corporate Travel.