The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has shook the entire world by creating a standstill in all possible trade, business and economy across all boundaries. Restrictions are imposed on travelling overseas and locally as well with enforcement of strict lockdown. This gave opportunity to work from home system to flourish but eventually, it was understood that some work was best done by physically being present at the workplace. To carry out this task, introduction to completely touchless access management & attendance as well as interaction devices could make it feasible to restart working physically at the workspace.

By maintaining proper social distancing and ruling out the possibility of physical contact through any devices, Touchless Access Management System and Touchless Biometrics have started to gain popularity and demand in the market. The main reason for opting these methods is to ensure safety for all employees and working staff but at the same time, make it possible for them to get the desired work done in the specified time.

What is Touchless Biometric Access Management System?

Biometrics mainly include attendance system and access system which need physical contact but installing digital devices for completely contactless procedures, proper care can be taken while the work routine functions in the desired manner. The most common biometric system used is the fingerprint sensor. Many important organizations have issued directives to discontinue the use of fingerprint biometrics due to coronavirus threats. The physical world and workspace is full of things that unknown people have touched the surfaces of door knobs, light switches, fridge handle, and coffee machines etc.

Companies have begun to eventually sanitize anything and everything that is frequently touched by the staff members after certain intervals of time to ensure a safer environment for everyone. Majorly the door handles and fingerprint sensors need maximum sanitization, but it is physically impossible to completely sanitize it and make it virus-free. Biometrics based access control systems are typically used as additional security is needed hence compensate the cost of reduction in security to increase hygiene rating of the workplace.

Touchless biometrics includes Artificial Intelligence based facial recognition, QR scan access for visitors, Touchless Attendance System Management, Integrated Temperature Sensor Kit and UV chambers for disinfection.  Artificial Intelligence based facial recognition units are perfect for carrying out daily attendance for employees and staff as it eliminates any kind of physical contact between the system and members. Traditional biometrics need fingerprints for marking daily attendance but the advanced AI facial recognition uses retina scans for marking the daily attendance and cannot be easily manipulated with a photo etc. QR code scan based access management allows entry and exit of members only when the requests are approved by the authorities and hence physical contact is ruled out!

7 Benefits of Touchless Biometrics Access Management System Post Covid-19

  1. Touchless Access Management technology is very much useful for the purpose of identity verification in the entire corporate sector where mass people movement is seen throughout the day. Biometric systems are very accurate in detecting identity of people by scanning retinas and faces.
  2. Another main advantage of biometric technology is high profile identification accuracy. Biometrics system uses unique person-to-person differing features such as eye patterns or facial characteristics of an individual to a very accurate identification for the authentification of the end users. Greater accuracy is why a lot of companies choose biometric system for the security purposes.
  3. Using palm recognition system for automatic doors avoids the risk of numerous people touching the same surface multiple times.
  4. Inculcating a contactless facial and eye recognition system to recognize digital identities of employees, instead of asking them to place their hands on a scanner as they move through the premises, will ensure the safety of workers and staff.
  5. Biometric systems cannot be stolen or fidgeted with externally hence possesses highest accuracy level and security with a safer environment.
  6. Biometric technology is super-fast in processing speed and hence it is less time consuming, dependable for safer use, highly user friendly requires almost negligible pre-use training for users, is comparatively inexpensive if judged upon functionality and possesses distinctive recognition features of individuals resulting in accurate verification at the time of entry.
  7. Biometric technology can hence be used in a lot of industries such including healthcare sector, corporate business, schools and colleges etc. Many industries have already started using biometric technology for various other purposes.


The biometric thermal scanners are a bonus these days to ensure medical stability condition of the employee or any visitor in the office. And eliminating the possibility of physical contact by going digital will ensure containment of the infection. Hence Touchless Access Management technology has its benefits in making processes completely contactless and touchless in the times post coronavirus.