Travel plays an important role for many executives and business leaders today. With thousands of
executives traveling around the world on an annual basis, there can be no doubt that it also plays an
important role in today’s global economy. In fact, a report from GBTA predicts global business travel
spending to advance 5.8 percent on average over the next five years to reach $ 1.6 trillion by 2021.
Given its importance, and the large amount of investment it requires, it is only important to make sure
that executives will have a satisfying business trip. Now, if you are new to business travel management,
there is a high satisfaction that you must meet because most business travelers will remain informed
about work trips.

3 Ways to Make a Corporate Trip Productive and Enjoyable
To help you, here are some easy and simple ways you can make executive travel in a more productive
and enjoyable way.

  1. Make sure executives are ready
    The first step to ensuring a hassle-free trip is to make sure executives are ready for the trip. Here are
    some steps to prepare executives before the trip:
     Create a list of all the things your executives should include in their luggage.
     Give them weather updates to the destination so they can pack appropriate clothing and
     Do not forget to bring an additional phone and laptop charger, as well as portable batteries.
     Executive advice to turn on the light and use travel-sized toiletries. Doing so will help reduce
    flight costs, and reduce waiting times at the baggage claim area.
     Advise executives immediately if flight is delayed or canceled. If it is canceled, be sure to book a
    new flight immediately.
     If you arrive hours before boarding time, make sure the executive has a map pointing to the
    executive lounge, smoking areas, and restaurants in and around the airport.
  2. Select Business / First Class When Booking Flights
    Staying within the budget is one of the top business travel priorities. However, when it comes to airfare,
    it is important to prioritize the comfort of executives, especially if it is a long flight.
     Many business travel executives complete their presentations and other materials they need
    while on the flight.

 That is why it is important to always book business or first class flights so that executives can
access all the amenities they need to operate – and, of course, to stay comfortable while on the
 Such amenities that are often only available on business / first-class flights are faster and safer
Wi-Fi access, on-site power outlets, larger seat and leg room sizes, larger tray table, and USB

  1. Choose the Right Hotel
    It is very important to choose the right hotel because of this where the executives are likely to spend the
    rest of the day after a long day of meetings.
     Make sure it is easily located near the executive destination.
     If the executive prefers a quieter environment or just a good night’s sleep, try avoiding hotels
    located from areas with high traffic and crowded nightlife activities.
     Make sure the hotel is complete with amenities essential for a traveling executive: fast internet
    connection and Wi-Fi, power and USB outlets, TV streaming service, charger for laptops and
    telephone in guest rooms, and no key / entry in the mobile room.