During Covid-19, more than ever, companies are looking to reduce costs and generate more efficiency in all their processes and one of the historically most “inefficient” sectors within organizations, is undoubtedly, accountability, reimbursement and complete travel solutions.

We have compiled 3 reasons to explain why your company urgently needs to question the “status quo” of traditional and outdated processes and adopt a digital and intelligent travel management system.

  1. Reduction of costs with hotels and airline tickets with discounts

The first major gain that a company has is the reduction of costs with discounts on hotels and airline tickets. So, all of this is possible with the use of technology and integration between platforms, and digital complete travel solutions have the intelligence to do this.

 2.  Process optimization and cost reduction

With smart travel platforms, the entire process is done in a digital and agile way, from request planning, approval, refund and report to decision making by managers. If your company still receives travel requests by e-mail, believe me, it has a huge window of inefficiency. E-mail request processes are inefficient, and do not allow you to make quick decisions.

 3.  If your company uses an OBT, believe me, it was not made for you, it was made for a travel agency

The corporate travel market is very curious, companies use OTAs to travel, such as Decolar.com and Booking, and although they are very efficient with intensive use of technology, these platforms are known to have been developed for leisure travel, and not for business travel. So in OTAs it is not possible to have employee management, simplified travel reconciliation, policy management by cost center, projects or groups, or even reports for any type of decision making.


It took a virus, popularly known as “coronavirus”, to shake up companies and force them, in the cruelest way possible. It is almost obvious that the choice of modern and digital complete travel solutions will generate more employee engagement, simplify the process by reducing the time involved and the “head account”, bring more cost savings, and deliver transparency of expenses that shareholders need.