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With such rapid virus transmission all around the world, most businesses have switched to work-
from home setups. India had been under lockdown for over a year, and it is now reopening in stages.
Since  this virus can spread through contact surfaces such as keypads, phone cases, and any
materials that are  not constantly sanitized, the emergence of novel Coronavirus has boosted
hygiene awareness. The  transition to touchless practices also had an immediate impact on
businesses, including the suspension  of touch-based time and adopting touchless attendance
With the constant reopening of offices, a commonly used fingerprint attendance machine could
pose a  significant threat to Coronavirus-related safety measures. The surface of some devices i.e
attendance  system comes into contact with all employees, making it a critical virus transmitter. On
the other hand,  touchless time and attendance management are crucial because it ensures smooth
and efficient  operations. 

What exactly is a Touchless Attendance System?

Touchless Attendance Management System is a system of monitoring employees’ attendance to
minimize loss due to decreased productivity and employee absence. Tracking employees’ work hours
is critical, from classic punch cards to sophisticated access cards and a touchless attendance
A cloud-based touchless attendance system provides advantages such as consistency, cost
optimization, and accessibility across several platforms and devices. It captures and recognises an
employee’s face for attendance using AI-based computer vision. Touchless attendance machinery is
a must-have for firms focused on growth and development.

Features of Touchless Attendance Machine 
The following are the important elements of a touchless attendance machine that will help you
understand it better:

Recognition of Faces
Touchless attendance machines can be useful as these machines are highly effective in delivering
attendance records. To eliminate the chance of the Covid-19 virus, touchless attendance machines
that use face recognition as a medium have eliminated the requirement for plastic access cards and
biometric fingerprints.

Easy installation in Various Locations
Attendance equipment with advanced technology can be distributed across multiple locations or
levels. All of the data can be simply gathered in one place, attendance can be easily checked, and the
payroll work is simplified. A touchless attendance machine helps employees save time and increase
their overall productivity.

Viability with Cloud
It is a cloud-based touchless attendance machine that employs time-attendance management
software that is based on cloud computing technologies. It is used to store staff attendance records
as well as other data. The cloud server enables HR to download employee documents from the cloud
database at any time. It also enables data management from a distance.

No more proxy
Buddy punching is an exercise in which a co‐worker departs early, turns late for work, or takes
extended hours, harming the total productivity of the team, as they can be punched by someone
else. The advanced attendance software includes a touchless attendance and facial recognition
system, and hence this problem has been addressed by technology. Advanced Attention Software
also provides real-time detection to readily distinguish a real person from an image.

Easy HRMS Inclusion
Each organisational structure has software for human resources management that helps handle
internal HR functions. HRMS combines features like data storage, payroll management, recruitment,
time and attendance and hence is a critical tool for management. 

Types of touchless attendance systems for employees with the latest technologies in the market-
Several non-contact assistance technologies are available to ensure staff presence can be marked
without physical contact. The following are:

Assistance system for facial recognition
It is a system without contact in which the employee’s face is scanned to mark her attendance. With
the use of a system for facial recognition that is non-contact, administrators can do facial scans and
monitor employees and visitors’ time.

GPS based attendance system
An employee’s presence is marked on its location in this attendance system. Such a contactless
attendance system uses GPS coordinates of the mobile device of the employee to determine if an
employee is present or not.
This style of attendance is also appropriate for local staff who work from remote places or at far off-

RFID based attendance system
RFID tags are used for the identification of individuals in the RFID attendance system. A unique RFID
tag is issued to every person; when they press the tag onto the scanner, the data on the tag is
compared with the database and the person is assisted automatically. The RFID attendance method
requires no physical involvement.

Iris Based Aadhaar Biometric Attendance
Iris based in Aadhaar has enabled the government of India to record the participation of government
staff by developing Biometric Attendance System. The presence of a staff member is recognized by
this Aadhar confirmation system. These biometric participation systems from Aadhar are placed in
central and state departments’ offices and offer government employees accurate and easy
attendance control.

So, what all advantages are there of the Touchless Attendance System? 
All sorts of attendance systems are available in the market ranging from Touchless attendance
systems,  face recognition systems, voice-enabled systems and fingerprint systems. So, lets walk
through some of  the advantages of the Touchless Attendance system: 
A biometric attendance management system offers solutions that are more likely to be
compromised.  However, touchless attendance systems are secure and safe, and they do not
compromise the security  of personal data. It is also a must-have system during a pandemic to make
the workplace more safe and  secure from contamination. 
2.Speed and accessibility 
When comparing a touchless attendance system to a fingerprint attendance machine, the first thing 
you’ll notice is the unparalleled speed and accessibility it offers. It rapidly scans the facial features 
enabling access to the employee. Touchless systems often work within fractions of seconds which is 
much more convenient than other systems. 
3.Data Accuracy 
Accuracy of the data is the critical factor of these systems. The most common problem in
organizations  is time management and keeping an eye on the arrivals and departments of each
employee. Hence, this  system comes to the rescue by keeping accurate time and attendance.
4.Ease in management 
The use of biometric tools enables businesses to monitor the employees and track the number of
hours  worked by employees for payroll purposes. So, a touchless attendance system can generate
accurate  and timely reports.  

To combat the spread of Coronavirus, organizations are constantly looking towards replacing
fingerprint  attendance machines. A touchless attendance system is an ideal complement to your
company’s  employee management system, especially if it is viewed as a preventive measure to limit
coronavirus  transmission when employees return to the workplace, making offices a more secure
environment by  implementing some essential preventative measures.